A Nest in Our Nest

It is rare that Jon can get really excited about something in Lowes. He is pretty much looking for the fastest way in and out so when I found him lingering over the Nest, I know we’d end up getting it. It is basically a very smart thermostat that learns your heating/cooling patterns and can all be controlled with an app on your phone. Genius. Now we just had to get it installed.

I begged Jon to install it so we could figure out why our house was so hot but the old thermostat said 55 degrees. That just didn’t seem right. So, it was time to install and document the progress…

Here is the old thermostat–ugly and out of date.

Apparently, this is what it looked like on the inside. I was too nervous to stick around for this part.

Actual proof that Jon did the installation! Then I was called in to patch the walls.

Here are the inter-workings of the Nest. Not a clue what any of it means but I guess it makes things warm and cold. Great.

And the finished product! Don’t mind how terrible the wall looks right now–we haven’t gotten to painting in the dinning room.

Now that it’s installed, we wake up and the house is already starting to warm up. Then it will cool down after we leave and heat up again right before we get home. It will learn our patterns and help us to save energy, AKA, money. Amazing. Major props to my hubby for the installation and thanks to Glenn for the oversight.


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