WEEK 9 & 10 Updates

There has a been a lot going on since we’ve moved in. I have to apologize for the less than frequent updates. It seems as though every free night or weekend we have we’ve been doing work on the house. Namely painting. I had been so excited to paint considering we’ve lived in rentals for so long and I couldn’t look at another white wall. Turns out it’s not so much fun actually. We’ve now painted all ceilings, all three bedrooms, both bathrooms, the upstairs hallway, the wall up the stairs, and the living room. The only thing left is the dinning room/kitchen area. Oh, and like a million doors.

Here are some of the new paint shots. My biggest accomplishment was doing stripes in the bathroom. I saw it on a blog and wanted to copy. I was terrified because, as my father can tell you, the stripes I painted on my bedroom wall at home came out less than ideal. But, I took my time and painstakingly measured, leveled and taped all the stripes. I’m pretty proud! Once we that room was painted, the sink and toilet could go in. We now officially have a functional sink. It’s the little things really…

Here is the tape before painting…


This is apparently the trick to straight lines. Take the base color paint and go over the tape in the areas that you will be painting the other color. That way the tape seals that color and makes a straight line!


The finished product!


Here is the sink and fixtures–still hunting for a mirror.


And our teeny tiny toilet…it’s a really small half bath.


Here are some shots from the living room. For some reason, the previous owners thought it would be a really great idea to paint the walls, ceiling and trip a gross, dusty yellow color. Then accent it with a green wall over the fireplace. Ya…that’ll look great. So, we painted it all a nice “greige” color. Haven’t gotten around to paint the trim yet. We are actually getting a new bay window in the living room so trim around the larger window is going away anyway.

Here is the lovely yellow/green combo…


For some reason, there are these NASTY drops on the walls. Like in every room. We cannot figure out what the heck they are or why they are there and no one thought it would be a good idea to clean it off.  Any theories on this would be great…



BYE BYE gross stains.


Here is the finished product and a glimpse into the mess we’ve been living in for the past few weeks.


The biggest and most exciting development is that our kitchen cabinets came in. Our contractor will be away this Thursday and Friday so he came this weekend to work and installed them! A few missing items (a cabinet here, glass doors there) but for the most part, it’s all there!

This is the view if you were to walk in through the side door. The refrigerator is behind all that plastic wrap.


And here is a view from the other side of the kitchen!


We also got this awesome cabinet put into the wall across from the refrigerator as a pantry.


Our bathroom is also coming together nicely! Our vanity came in and it actually came in the wrong color. It should have been an expresso color but it came in white. We like it much better so we are going to keep it. They installed the vanity top and fixtures today, but the water isn’t hooked up yet. My father was nice enough to hang the mirrors for us–which would have taken us a LONG time to figure that out. We are soo0o close to having a fully functional bathroom!


The last item is the deck. We were planning to have a patio out the new sliding glass door but it wasn’t working into our budget. So we decided to go for a deck. It will get to be bigger than the patio, so that’s nice. It isn’t done yet, still needs railings and stairs, but hopefully they weather will cooperate the next few weeks.


So, that is all for now. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! The only projects left are to finish painting, finish the kitchen, finish the deck, add railings to the inside stairs, build the cabinets around the fireplace and fix the front steps. Sounds like a lot but we are getting there!


4 responses to “WEEK 9 & 10 Updates

  1. It doesn’t even look like the same house! I am so happy for you guys. I wish you many happy and healthy years in your home and can’t wait to get over there to see it in person!

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