Got Questions?

We get asked a lot of questions, so here are some of the answers!
1.) How long will the construction take?

We were told that it should take about 3 months, which would mean we would be VERY lucky to have it all done by Christmas, 2012. Given what everyone else has told me, I think that maybe early January is more realistic. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

2.) When will you move in?

Right now, we are looking at mid-November. It is pretty dependent on if our landlord, who has been very flexible and understanding, can lease our place. We’ll stay as long as he will let us just to not have to put ourselves through the ordeal of living in construction. And I don’t think Cali would enjoy that too much. Have you met her?

3.) What are you doing to the house?

Basically everything. New kitchen, new bathrooms, refinishing floors, making built-ins for the living room, carpeting bedrooms, sliding glass door in dinning room leading out to a new stone patio, new doors, cleaning up the basement walls. That will be done by the contractor. Some DIY projects include cleaning up the yard/bushes, painting shutters, painting all the rooms, building a new closet for the guest room, etc.

4.) Do you really like nachos?


5.) Do you need help?

Of course, thank you for asking! We’ll need help moving eventually so you can probably expect us to bribe you by paying for pizza or something of the like. Anyone who wants to paint, garden, clean, do any manual labor or just buy us gifts,  let us know. We’ll add you to the list 🙂


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