The Big Reveal

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates! The house was chugging along and then the holidays came and then I just got a bit lazy. So, we are jumping straight through to the big reveal. The house is officially done (although still working through the final paperwork/approvals from the mortgage company, but done in my eyes). No more contractors coming in and out, no more dust and dirt. Just a normal house. We are so thankful to have gotten through this whole process fairly unscathed and are just enjoying the fact that we can sit on our new couch, watch our new TV, in our new house. Pretty cool. Now for the big unveiling!

Living Room

The biggest change in here was definitely the bay window. It lets in so much light and makes the room feel huge! It felt so good to get rid of the NASTY blinds that the old owner left. There is also the built-ins that we added around the fireplace. It really help with storage. We have a pipe going through the wall behind the TV into the cabinet so all of our cords are hidden. Jon has managed to fit at least 6 different cords in there and we’ve had to take the TV down and back up 6 times as well. Thankfully, that’s all done. We also got a new couch and a new rug to warm up the space. It still needs some touches here and there.


View from the stairs


View from the dinning room


Dinning Room

The dinning room is pretty much all set–just need a few more accessories like curtains and some place mats, along with some shelves on the walls. I love our light–I actually just saw it in a magazine and a book that I have. What good taste!


View from kitchen


The kitchen, is of course, our pride and joy. It’s really roomy and has a lot of counter space. It’s also very light and airy which I love. Eventually, we need some stools for the bar counter, but baby steps!


View from front door


Kitchen and dinning room


View from dinning room


View from side door

Half Bath

Not much has changed in the half bath since the last time I updated, except maybe a new mirror. But here it is!


Full Bath

The upstairs bathroom is great. Jon and I are really loving the double sinks. It’s kind of amazing how tiny the bathroom was before we did demo. The shower is really roomy and the nook in the walls is awesome–no more bottles falling into the tub.


View from the door


Shower tile detail


Shower nook


Toilet, of course.


Our bedroom remained mostly the same except for the paint job we did at the very beginning. It was laundry day today, so the bed is missing some key pieces, but you get the idea. The guest room is still in use so no pics there but the “office” is no longer filled with boxes and will someday soon have a very new purpose 🙂


Master bedroom from door




Our deck is also finished, although we won’t get to enjoy it until the weather is much warmer. But it is nice to know that we can enjoy the back of the house as well as the side (which is the largest part of our yard). Good thing our neighbors back there are very nice!


View from dinning room doors


View from yard


The front of the house is such a transformation. We did a lot of yard work in the fall to get ride of overgrown bushes and other weird things. With the new window and our red door, it really stands out!


Our home 🙂 (cat in window and all)


Pretty door and window

I’ll put together some before and after shots for the more dramatic comparison, but it really is a whole new house. I’m not sure what is left except a few walls here and there. It feels so fresh and clean and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you to everyone who helped or put up with our complaining during the process. You are all welcome over any time…Cali will be anxiously awaiting you!



2 responses to “The Big Reveal

  1. I can’t believe the transformation…it is truly amazing. You had the vision and the determination to get it done and it is absolutely gorgeous. If I hadnt seen the before I don’t know if I would believe it. Congratulations!!

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