Week 5, 6, 7, 8 Updates

So–it’s been a while since we’ve posted, but we have good reason. First, we were hit by Hurricane Sandy. While Fairfield Beach got hit really badly, we managed to get away with some missing gutters and vinyl siding on our place in Fairfield. Oh, we also lost power for about four days. But, our new house in Stratford was a tank! No damage and full power, although it didn’t help us much because there wasn’t any running water so staying there wouldn’t have been great. But, the good news was that my work (Becky’s work) was closed due to no power, so I had nothing to do except finish the painting.
Once the painting was finished the carpet could go into the bedrooms. Having hardwood is nice but in the bedrooms we felt like carpet would be much more comfortable. So here are some photos of the finished painted rooms and the new carpeting before we moved in. Oh–and around that time Jon got his iPhone5 which resulted in some panoramic photos.

Guest Room

Master Bedroom


Some other progress we saw in the house was that they put hardwood floors in the kitchen so now we have an actual surface to walk on that isn’t breaking into pieces into the basement! Ahh, the little things..

We also put some MAJOR pressure on our contractor to get a semi workable bathroom upstairs so we could actually live here once we moved in. We had picked out tiles the weekend before the hurricane and then the store was close for a week so they couldn’t take our order. Then, I was told one tile I picked they didn’t carry. After picking another, I was then told that the half bath tile was back ordered. So, I gave up and picked up something at Home Depot, just hoping we would get some sort of bathroom. The last Friday before we moved in–we got to see this beauty! Still a work in progress but a shower nonetheless.

This was a quick update and not too exciting, but it was time to start packing and get out of our place in Fairfield. It took a full week to actually pack and get the place cleaned, but come Saturday the 17th, we were up and ready to go…


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