The time has finally come for us to move into our house. While it would have been fantastic to have been able to stay in our place  in Fairfield until the work was done, things just didn’t work out that way. Luckily, we managed to get the upstairs into a place where we could feasibly live. That means we have our bedrooms ready along with a shower and a toilet. No sink, so washing your face or brushing your teeth happens in the tub. No biggie.

So, after a week of packing, it was time. We had some amazing friends and family come from far and wide to help us and we could not have done it with out your all. So thank you to both our sets of parents, our brother-in-law John (who came down from MA with Jon’s parents), Glenn, Anthony, and Jenny.  Here is Jon and Glenn having a major man moment taking apart our desk. They are both in there somewhere.

Oh ya, we also sold our small kitchen table, which was Cali’s fortress. She was none to happy, so Jon allowed her to express her feelings via this photo:

On Saturday, the first goal was to put everything we own on our front lawn and then get it into the truck. It was looking scary for a while, but everything fit and we were off to Stratford. Overall, things went well–until it was time to get the box springs up. Can you count how many people were up to the challenge? Even our contractor got into the action.

Sadly, the box springs would not fit and after a surprising $600 bill, we would be the proud new owners of two two-piece box springs that would nicely fit up our stairs. So much fun!

We brought our couches but after seeing the nightmare with the box spring, we knew wouldn’t get them into the basement easily (living room isn’t livable just yet) and we knew we’d get rid of them eventually anyway, so why bother. That meant that we now needed to break them into pieces and throw them in the dumpster. So, we gave a handsaw to Glenn and John and let them go at it.

It was a super long day but with the help of our friends and family, we are officially moved into the house. I write this with the luxury of internet which was just installed, so things are starting to feel more and more like home. Can’t wait to share some more progress with you all–hopefully the kitchen won’t be too far behind and then we can stop hording all the food from my parents 🙂


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