Week 4 Progress

We put a little pressure on the contractors to show us a little more progress and we were glad we did. We accomplished a lot over the last week. Still nothing glamorous (except for our sliding door!) but progress nonetheless. We also had our first draw, which is where our CRAZY consultant comes and says, XYZ were done, and then gives our contractor the money to pay for it. We get 5 as a part of our mortgage, so 1 down, 4 to go. Here is whats been going on over on Salvia Street.

The plumbing is finally finished. Because we removed that nasty pipe, we were able to get brand spanking new plumbing throughout the whole entire house. Very good news. We have an inspection on Monday (pending the hurricane) for plumbing and electrical. We also got a new electrical system in the house–200 AMPS now. If all goes well with the inspection, we can start to close up the walls, thankfully! Here are some really fun plumbing pictures! YES!

New plumbing with fancy hot/cold hook ups in the full bathroom upstairs:

Our new tub is in–couldn’t really see it, but nice to know it’s there!

More fancy shower plumbing. Our contractor said it was “beautiful”. To each his own, I guess.

Slightly less exciting than plumbing, but still important–new doors started going in.

Again, not a ton of visible progress in the kitchen/dinning room but you can see our new sliding glass door that I am in love with. It’s got awesome blinds in windows so it gives a lot privacy. It goes to no man’s land at the moment, but eventually with be a patio or deck.

Here is another shot–really pumped about how much brighter it is in there!

Here you can see the blinds a bit better. Very cool to play with. It’s the little things that make us happy!

We also finished putting up the black shutters and got a new outdoor light that Jon installed himself! So happy with the results.

We had to also make really hard decisions this weekend–like which bedroom carpet to select. So, why not do that while eating lunch on the hood of my car. It’s warmer outside than inside the house, so it made sense.

Oh, and this a creepy monkey thing that is on our dumpster. I wonder if he will be there after the hurricane.

We needed to get a lot of painting done this weekend in preparation of us moving into the house in a few weeks, but more on that in the next post!


2 responses to “Week 4 Progress

  1. Awesome….looking great. Love the door…the difference in the amount of natural light coming in is just amazing

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