Paint! Glorious Paint!

It’s been just over one month since we started work on the house and things are moving along, slowly but surely. We have to be out of our current place on November 17th, which means we will need to move into the house around then. Our plan is to have the entire upstairs done (painted, carpeted, finished bathroom) so that we can live/sleep upstairs and keep Cali away from any cats we may have needed to stay with. From the looks of it, we should be able to live there. We may not have our bathroom vanity in by move-in date (actually, we will not, that’s a fact) but I can deal with brushing my teeth from the tub. I know..#firstworldproblems.

So, this weekend we focused on getting the bedrooms painted. With our fresh paint picked out and supplies in hand, we were ready to start. That’s when we realized that we had a lot of cracks in our walls. Our walls are plaster, not sheet rock, so I guess this is common. That meant that we (and by we I mean my dad) had to patch all the cracks with 3 coats of spackle, wait until it dried, wipe it off, wait til that dried, and then paint. So, we were doing a lot of waiting, not a lot of painting. But we had time to tape up everything nicely.

Here is the progress of the master bedroom:

Painstakingly doing all of the cutting in–what a nightmare.

The final result!

Our guest bedroom–we only managed to do one coat before we had to call it quits:

Almost final shot of the guest room:

Lastly, what will be our office/third bedroom. Jon wanted white (it’s slightly off white) but I promise to jazz it up with some bold color.

…and we got a little loopy. Might have been the paint fumes.

More to do like, painting all the trim, painting closets and the hallway, etc. But we got a lot accomplished, thankfully! That’s all for now!


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