Week 3 Progress

It’s been a while since our last post but things are still moving as planned. Over the past week or so we’ve had that nasty pipe removed. Here is a picture our contractor took of the pipe after it was gone. I’m even more glad we got this disgusting thing out of the house now.

Now that the pipe is gone, they are replacing everything with new PVC piping. That should be in this week we hear. So, aside from that, there hasn’t been a ton of visible updates. There has been a lot of electrical wiring done and some other smaller updates that we’re required to make. This week should be a big one. We are hoping to finish the plumbing and electric so that we can get an inspection done. If it passes, we can finally close up the walls! Also, they should be installing our new sliding glass door in the dinning room and also building patio over the next few weeks, before it gets too cold.

This past weekend, we did more work on the outside while the weather permits. First was a trip to Home Depot for some supplies and we even bought Jon his very own tool belt. Look at how cool this guy is…

We put down some mulch to cover up the areas that we dug up the previous week. We also finished painting and even installed the shutters on the front of the house! I’m thrilled with how the black looks. My dad helped a ton with the shutters and Jon even got on the roof to put on the finishing touches. We do have one side of the house to do, but that can wait.

We also painted under the window, where it was filthy thanks to the overgrown bushes. Now it looks much cleaner as you can see from the before and after!

My most favorite update was the new house numbers. I wanted something really modern and sleek and I fell in love with these numbers. Of course, I wanted them to “float” which made Jon’s job much harder. After a second trip to Home Depot to get replacement numbers, we finally got them installed and I think they look awesome!

We bought a new outdoor light that will match the black and eventually we’ll have a new red door. Slowly but surely!  Here is a quick shot of the front of the house all cleaned up. Not too shabby!

That’s all the updates for now. We are doing our first draw inspection this week, which means we’ll get paid for the work that’s been done thus far. Fingers crossed that everything goes well!


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