Week 2 Progress

When we went to the house this weekend, we got to peak in to see what work had been done inside. It isn’t a huge difference from what we say on Tuesday, but always nice to see progress. The pipe issue is holding things up a bit, but we are giving the green light on that, so hopefully that will get taken care of this week and we can keep moving. Here is this week’s update!

First–this is how we were greeted at the door. Needless to say, I ran the other way pretty fast. Jon was convinced this was the spider that bit Spiderman. However, we managed to “transport” it to another location.

This is actually the dining room window that is being prepped to be removed. This is where the sliding glass door will go to the small patio in the backyard. It’ll be nice to have another way to get to the back of the house.

Here is the new bar counter on the kitchen. We’ll put some stools there someday. In the back one of the windows has been removed and is all covered up.

The half bathroom has gotten some more framing done since last week.

We’ll update with more when we can!


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