Week 1 Progress

After the first week, we were pleasantly surprised to see the progress that our contractor had made. I was just happy to see a wall down! I even got to take a hammer to the wall and let out a little aggression. Yes, I look ridiculous but I figured with my luck, I’d knock out something important so better safe than sorry. For a video of this, check it out here.

This first picture is the living room wall (for perspective, the fireplace is to the far left). Now if you were to walk in the front door, you’ll walk into the kitchen. We’ve since made it a bit larger but you get the idea. Makes the whole lower level an open concept.

In this photo, I’m standing in the dinning room, looking at the kitchen! So thrilled to see this wall down. The little wall remaining on the left is being removed as well.

And this is our upstairs bathroom–almost gutted to the studs. I’m actually standing in the guest room (we went into the closet to make the bathroom larger).

Oh ya–because we closed the day before my best friend’s wedding, my dad nicely went to the house and changed our locks. When I went to the house that Sunday, this was here to great me. Isn’t my dad the cutest?

More to come!


3 responses to “Week 1 Progress

  1. That pic of the upstairs bathroom looks like one M&D would have of the upstairs bathroom in their house when they moved in.

    And, yes, Dad’s the cutest. In fact, some might say he’s “super cute.”

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